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Volunteer Opportunities

Help us nourish the community

Volunteers are the heart of our organization and power all of our activities. We need event volunteers for our weekly food drives and professionals to join our growing team. By volunteering, you’ll feed neighbors in need and keep edible food out of the trash. Join us and be a force of positive change for our community and the environment.

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UCLA Event Volunteers

Meet neighbors and lend a helping hand at our UCLA food drive. We need volunteers for every step of the drive, including setting up tables and tents, sorting food, assembling grocery bags, passing out groceries, and cleaning up at the end of the day. Volunteering is flexible. If you’re not available for the entire event, choose the hours that work for you.


Every Sunday from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


UCLA University Village
3200 Sawtelle Blvd, 
Los Angeles, CA 90066

How It Works

To sign up, fill out and submit the volunteer waiver form below. You will be added to our volunteer database and, if you have opted in, you will receive a roll call text message each Wednesday that will allow you to choose a shift. Please arrive for your selected shift on the day of the drive and check in with our onsite coordinator, who will sign you in and issue you a green vest.

NOTE: While it is not mandatory to sign up for roll call texts, volunteers who have not done so or have not chosen a shift may be turned away if we are at capacity, so please respond to our roll call texts to guarantee a place for you on site!

In the interest of creating a safe and positive environment for our volunteers, Nourish LA has a zero tolerance policy towards harassment, racism, sexism, abusive language, condescension, provocation, or disrespect towards fellow volunteers and staff, asking instead that volunteers come to site ready to show kindness, grace, and understanding towards one another in the interest of serving each other and our community. We reserve the right at any time to dismiss volunteers from site, or revoke volunteering credentials entirely, for violation of behavioral guidelines at the discretion of site leads.

Fruity Fridays

On Fridays we pick trees and get the fruit to those in need.  If you can help us pick we would really appreciate it. Make sure you fill out the volunteer waiver above and then click below to select a picking shift.



St. Mark’s Event Volunteers

We partner with St. Mark’s Church to host this food drive. To volunteer, sign up with St. Mark’s.

Professional Volunteers

Nourish LA is growing quickly and we’re looking for qualified professionals to join our team. We have internship opportunities and open roles for marketing, grant writing, and accounting. For more information, check out our profile on VolunteerMatch.

You can make a difference

Hear how Nourish LA helped the Walden family

“We’re a family of five and we’ve been collecting groceries from Nourish LA for the last 4 months. This has been an incredible help for our family, specially because we have a newborn and need to buy formula. Given inflation, it’s really difficult to get all we need with our current income. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work behind this great organization.”

Walden family

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