Nourish LA was started during the COVID19 pandemic by Natalie Flores, a passionate gardener, advocate, and urban farmer. She has connected those in need of food to those with excess through. food donations from all around the local area. Excess food from farms, community trees, gardens, and food that would have otherwise been thrown out by supermarkets, is used to feed those in need.

In partnership with Demetrios Mavromichalis, owner of The Wood Restaurant, Natalie and her team of volunteers have repurposed the restaurant and feed over 3,000 people every weekend between both hub sites. They also pass out 1000’s of seedlings every Friday, from 2:30-5:30 (when there’s inventory) to encourage local food security. As donations get larger so does the number of folks they feed.

In 10 months NourishLA/Nuestros Alimentos has diverted over 1.3 million lbs of food from going to waste, given out an estimated 32,000 bags of food to folks in need and diverted 8,000 lbs of compost to 5 local community gardens in the area, opened up a 2nd hub site (Venice) and helped to put on a Holiday toy drive in little Ethiopia in partnership with NewEarthLife.

All with the help of neighbors and community members!

Film By Amy Smyth